Transform your dry, cracked & chapped lips into smooth, soft & kissable lips with AAA SheaButter's vegan lip balm

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I was introduced to this product by a woman giving samples at a Whole Foods store. She said she was not compensated for what she was doing but she wanted to let everyone know about this product. Since trying this Shea butter,I won't buy ANYTHING else. My skin is becoming so smooth and my scars are disappearing. The smell is great also, mango is my favorite. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL PRODUCT!

  • Angela
  • Memphis,TN

This is my 2nd testimonial, but about a different product. I was unable to grow my nails without them splitting, breaking and curving downward. Once again you have come to my rescue with Baobab Oil, which I started applying to the cuticle and nail bed at least twice a day. The results is amazing and now my nails are strong, long and beautiful. I can polish them after about 10 years of struggle. They are so perfect now my daughter actually thought I was sporting professionally done acrylic nails! Thanks again--I would never be without your products!!

  • Teresa b
  • Laurel Springs NC

Absolutely LOVE the Cocoa butter stick! I just had a baby and I use cocoa butter sticks to treat my stretch marks. I was using Cocoa care before and didn't like how when the stick gets short it became hard to use. This Cocoa butter stick is large and stable and SO MUCH better than the rest! I will only buy this cocoa butter stick from now on. =)

  • Nina
  • Plano Texas

I got your shea butter in the mail today, and this is the BEST shea butter I have ever purchased!! I've tried several brands, too! There is no grit in the texture, the smell is subtle and pleasant. Best of all I have peace of mind your shea butter is LAB tested for purity. I can't wait to try your other products. Next time, I want to order a pound of your shea butter. Truely awesome!!

  • Becky Pulido
  • Naperville, IL

I purchased the Shea Butter with Lavender oil and used it on my skin and found it felt wonderful.
I read online that unrefined can help with acne. I tried so many products and none work. I am an adult who still has acne and it got worse since I was a teenager. I was afraid because it felt oily, but I figured hey- can't get much worse. It actually helped a little!! And more than some of the face washes I have tried.
Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I'll be a customer over and over again.

  • M
  • New York

I'm totally satisfied with your Black Soap and your Argan Oil. I looked one day and found my face to appear more youthful looking, supple, soft, and particularly firmer. Wow! I just love, love your products so far. I'm looking forward in using your anti-aging products, and your Shea Butter soap. Blessings over you and your products.

  • Elizabeth
  • Bahama, North Carolina

i bought aaa shea butter soap in whole foodss and its fenomenal , i ve used hemp,dr bronners,tea tree, and shhea butter soap are the best for my skin and hair.they not burn the skin like others.

  • melvin
  • raleigh nc

Yep, back for more. 3 years ago I became extremely allergic to just about every product on the market and began making my own shea butter products about 2 yrs ago. This shea butter is the best I've ever tried and MR. HAYES taught me alot about the grading process. Thank you! I appreciated the time AAA took with me to help me understand the product that has saved my hair and skin. I'm telling all my associates and won't go anywhere else. Great Company.

  • Laura
  • Fort Mill, SC

Omg looking forward to using this product. it seems so exciting

  • Amandan
  • Canada

Review from a Diabetic
Being a diabetic in my 60s, dry and flaky skin is a major problem for me. I sought an alternative to the expensive so-called “diabetic creams” that are only marginally effective. My research indicated that not all Shea Butters are of the same quality. After some disappointing purchases, I finally sought out one that is certified as being of the highest quality and purity. This particular unrefined and certified Shea Butter is fantastic. Unlike the cheaper unrefined Shea Butters that I tried from the local health food store, this product is much smoother, not grainy, very easy to soften in your palm, and it has a pleasant lemongrass aroma. Although it is oily on my skin, I found noticeable improvements in my skin almost immediately. I am now using it every morning with excellent moisturizing and healing results. I recommend this product very highly. If you have dry skin – you could not do better than this (AAA) certified Shea Butter product.

  • James Beverly
  • Corinth, Mississippi

I'd just like to say that I am very impressed with your customer service. I always hear about smaller companies having shaky customer care, but I can tell this isn't the case with AAA. I appreciated that I immediately got a call from Mr. Hayes about the error in my order (the price of an item disappeared when i checked out). I REALLY appreciated that he respected that I did not want to give my CC# over the phone and offered to call the card company to rectify the situation. Thank you for the kindness and the willingness to help.

  • Tiffany
  • Rockford, IL

Just purchased your shea butter w/argan oil and I LOVE IT. It is definitely the best product I have tried, and I've tried them all!!!! thanks again.

  • Sue
  • Springfield, MA

My daughter brought it for me to try. Love it! Marie

  • Marie
  • Ericson, NE

I had ordered two of your 1 lb unrefined shea butters and had thought it too much----but now I don't think it is at all. It's a bit too thick for daily hair usage, but as far as skincare, it's wonderful---great for the hands and feet especially, even repelling water so that I don't have the annoyance of having to reapply after washing my hands. It also does seem to help in helping Chapping/cuts heal quicker. Additionally, after reading about the unrefined shea butter, I was thinking the smell was going to be unpleasant....maybe because I braced for the worst, but the smell isn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be....perhaps for those that are very very scent sensitive the ones with fragrance oils may be recommended. Thank you for a wonderful product, with wonderful speed and service, with an equally wonderful price!!!

  • Emily
  • Orange County, CA

Hi, I brought the Argan oil for my girl friend who has psoriasis. It is working miracles for her. She is so excited that it is giving her very fast relief. I will be coming back for more. Thanks so much.

  • Paul
  • Tucson, AZ

I just received your Lavender shea butter & I love it. Smells great, not too strong. Your shea is the best I have ever tried, & I have tried about 20 different shea butters!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Sandra
  • Pleasanton, CA

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

  • Lenisa
  • Chillicothe, OH

I have used about 5 or 6 different shea butter lines. Yesterday, I received the best shea butter to be found from AAA Shea Butter. The texture is fantastic and the service was outstanding. For a brief period (about 6 months) I stopped using shea butter ~ for no particular reason. The heels of my feet became cracked and my hair was so brittle it was unmanageable. Unfortunately, I invested in many over priced products without result, which led me to seek out high quality shea butter, which I have found. I plan to try the shea butter with argan oil and also invest in the argan oil as a body oil skin rejuvinating oil. My long search has been worth the wait, and I highly recommend AAA Shea Butter Co.

  • Patricia
  • Albany, NY

I LOVE YOUR SHEA BUTTER !!! It's the best I've ever tried. It smells great too, It doesn't have that awful smell that some of the other unrefined shea butters have. It's true, Grade A does make a difference ! From now on, it's Grade A for me!

  • Sandra .
  • Pleasanton, CA

I have suffered with some kind of contact dermatitis on my hands for about 5 years. Nothing helped for long until I tried your shea butter and argan oil, with amazing results. I use the oil, primarily, because it is absorbed so easily into my skin. My hands are now clear, soft, normal and no longer painful. Thank you!

  • Teresa
  • Laurel Springs, NC

I recently purchased a 4oz jar of pure shea butter and anti-aging butter. I have been using them for about a week and the results have been incredible! I have had excema for many years and my skin was usually red and inflamed in some areas. I used meds on a regular basis to bring down inflammation and help with itching. I was also very sensitive to almost every product I have used. In the week I have been using the shea butter, the redness is gone and my skin feels moisturized and soft. It has even eliminated my boyfriends dry scalp! I will never buy another product again, except AAA Shea Butter! Thank you!

  • Marci
  • San Francisco, CA

Last week, I ordered a 4 oz.container of AAA pure shea butter and love it so much that I'm already ordering the 1 lb. tub!!! I am going to give some to everyone I know! My skin is not only surviving the harsh NY winter but looks and feels the healthiest it's ever been! The psoriasis on my elbows and dry patches on my legs are GONE!!!! Shea butter is a true gift of love and health from mother nature herself. The texture and the scent of the pure unrefined shea butter AAA sells is wonderful. Don't waste your money or time buying it anywhere else!

  • Monica
  • Johnson City, NY

My daughter has an incurable skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa. She is missing vital proteins which hold her skin onto her body, therefore her skin is extremely fragile and damages easily. When her skin is damaged, it blisters or sloughs off from friction mostly, although there are other types where a simple thing like a hug can cause skin damage. There is no medication to help either. We have a daily regiment of bandage changing and skin care that is equal to that of a burn victim. We started using your Shea Butter as part of her skin regimen to see if it helped her skin healing and love love the shea butter. We are now trying the combo shea butter/argan oil that we found at Whole Foods to see if we have any more improvement, although the shea butter alone has been amazing enough that we have shipped some to a family in DC who could not find any near them and they wanted to try it on their daughter as well. Thank you so much for making this available to us!

  • Shawn
  • Atlanta, Ga.

Love Love Love it, I use to buy Shea Butter from someone else but once I purchased the "real" shea butter I have been hooked every since. Thanks so much.

  • Kim
  • Seattle, WA.

(I) Love the Shea with Argan oil. (I) Have purchased 2 sizes of anti-aging product. (I) Now have ordered the 1-lb Shea & separate bottle of Argan oil. (I'M) Sorry you are out of stock on the soaps. Please let me know when they are available so I can purchase. I have extremely sensitive skin(rosacea) & these products are a godsend. No under skin bumps, (and the) redness in (my) skin has toned down in a brief time. I no longer apply meds to skin. Meds don't control redness as well as the Shea/Argon combo anyway. I will have tubs of this product in every room of my home. Thanks for your rapid shipments!!

  • Corla
  • Garland, TX

My husband has had cancer treatments and most of his hair fell out. Coming back in it looked hideous. I told him to try managing his hair with my shea Butter and Wow! what a difference. He loves it and plans to use it all the time. Great for the hair if you don't over do it.

  • Sandy
  • Georgia

This has been my first experience using pure, unrefined shea butter, and i'm really impressed! my skin is healthy, supple and soft. It's even healed some dry, itchy, red patches on my neck and face. Even though the smell (of unscented AAA Shea Butter) is a little "odd" at first, it disipates quickly and no one has asked, "What is that funky smell?" when I enter a room. (LOL). I feel confident by the ASBI backing and will continue to purchase. Thanks!

  • Kate
  • Marysville, Ohio

I just began to use the AAA shea butter and it feels so good on my skin. My skin is very dry because of the eczema and your product keeps me very moisturized all through the day and through the night. I will continue to use this product as long as it continues to work for me. I really like this!

  • Bena
  • North Carolina

I have used this AAAShea butter for the first 6 months on my Stretch Marks and scars to see if I could minimize and blend the appearance. This Anti-Aging has passed the test to minimize the marks and keep my thighs youthful looking. This Sheabutter is a MUST HAVE FOR ME AND I HAVE VERY DRY SKIN. AND I MUST SAY WHY RUB ALL THOSE CHEMICALS THAT LOTIONS HAVE INTO THE LARGEST ORGAN OF THE BODY...THE SKIN? IT IS ALSO GREAT ON THE FEET.

  • Allastir Hayes
  • Atlanta, Ga.

Several months ago I purchased a jar of shea butter from you after reading several message board postings on the web saying how great it is. I have struggled with eczema on my eyelids for years. In fact, I had to stop wearing eye shadows of any kind because it was so bad. I had given up until I started reading about the benefits of using PURE shea butter. Since I've started using your products, the eczema has disappeared and my eyelids are like new again. I can now wear makeup every day with no adverse reactions. I look forward to using my AAA Shea Butter every night before I go to bed and before I apply my makeup in the morning. The first time I purchased shea butter, it turned out to be the refined or processed type. I didn't know the difference until I began some research. Pure shea butter is difficult to find, but fortunately I found your website. Thanks for a great product!

  • Lori
  • Little Rock, Ark.

Hi Curtis, Just want to thank you for the recommendation for the Anti-Aging cream... Wow! It is awesome! Also... your Shea Butter is Great! My 18 month old boy's excema has made huge improvements! I have Recommended you to lots of people! Thanks for the help! Take Care!

  • Colby
  • Deland, FL

This Is A Miracle Product! I Just Turned 50 And Since Using Your Products, My Skin Looks Healthier And Younger Then It Has In Years! I Look In The Mirror And Can't Believe The Difference. I No Longer Use The Rx Retin A, Nor Any Other Products, And Believe Me, I've Tried Them All. I Use The Shea Butter And The Shea Butter With Argan Oil All Over My Body And On My Hair. I Bathe With Your Shea Butter Soap And Also Wash My Hair With It. I Won't Use Anything Else! I've Finally Found The Holy Grail, The Best Available, And I Thank You Sincerely For Providing These Awesome Products Curtis. Great Products And Great Customer Service-- You Truly Cannot Be Beat!

  • Nyla
  • Springville, IN

About the shea butter, argan oil and lavender blend product I have noticed definite benefits to using this product. My complexion is firmer, more toned; I find that the shea butter and argan oil is a powerful combination which can heal blemishes and make them virtually disappear, and it also increases the radiance of the skin with regular use. This is better than any moisterizer I have tried. I love this quality product and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in natural skin care. I Love Your Product. I Have Been Using It Now For Two Years And Never Looked Back. Your Creams Are Top Quality And Easy To Apply. I Can Only Say That My Skin Loves It And I'll Return Shortly To Purchase More....

  • Rita
  • Toronto, Canada

The Shea Butter And Anti-aging Creams Are Wonderful. What A Difference From What We Have Been Getting Elsewhere. The Real Secret Here Is The Soaps! Try One And You Will Be As Spoiled As We Are. Great Lather And Aroma And Smooth As Silk On The Skin. Best Natural Soap We Have Tried - And We Have Tried A Lot.

  • Jim & Carol
  • Corinth, MS

I Am A Returning Customer And I Will Continue To Buy These Products. They Are Great! The Unrefined Shea Butter Is Awesome And It Lasts Forever.

  • Nancy
  • Reidsville, NC

Great Product! Performs Exactly As Advertised At A Fair Price. A Welcome Change.

  • James .
  • Corinth, Ms.

I Have Tried Numerous Brands Of Shea Butter But Find Yours To Work The Best And At A Reasonable Price. I Have Been Using The Soap And Butter For About Two Years Now And I Am Pleased With It's Moisturizing Properities. A Great Product At A Reasonable Price Makes Me A Loyal Customer. A Great Company To Deal With. My Hats Off To Curtis.

  • Lenny
  • San Diego, CA

I Love The Shea Butter. I Use It Every Morning And Evening, And Have For The Past Five Months. The Moisturizing Advantage Is Wonderful. I Live In The Desert Area Of Nevada And Skin Tends To Dry Out Easily Here. I Also Like The Effect It Has On Surgical Scars. My Scars Are Almost Invisible.

  • Kitty

I Learned About Shea Butter By Accident. A Friend Gave Me A Hand Soap From The Karite Institute. I Could Not Believe The Effect It Had On My Dry Skin. It Was Amazing! When I Searched For The Product On The Internet, It Was Not Only Hard To Find But MuchToo Expensive. So I Did Further Research And Learned About AAA Shea Butter From The American Shea Butter Institute. I Could Not Be More Thrilled With The Product! The Effect On My Skin Is Really Amazing. It Is A Better Quality Product For Less And I Am Now A Loyal Customer.

  • Terri
  • Washington, D.C.

(In) Jan, 2006 We Ordered One Jar Of AAA Shea Butter. It Is So Easy To Apply, Especially If Your Hands Are Warm. (We Bought Some "different Brand" In Dec. 05, And Had To Scoop Some Onto Wax Paper And Put It Into The Microwave To Make It Soft Enough To Apply.....not Good!) AAA Shea Butter Smooths Evenly And Easily Onto The Skin. The Wrinkles Are Softened Too. Curtis Is So Pleasant To Speak With On The Phone. He Is Most Helpful And Caring. We Ordered Two Jars This Time (May 1st) And Are Blessed To Use Something So Natural That The Lord Created. It Is So Safe For The Body. Thank You Curtis For Being There For Us!

  • Marv & Loretta
  • Oregon

I've Tried Every Product Known To Man For My Skin.I Was Told By The American Shea Butter Institute About AAA Shea Butter Being Grade A Quality And Certified. So, I Thought I Would Give It A Try. Well, After 2 Weeks, My Skin Is Softer, Smoother, No Break-outs, Age Spots Going Away, Fine Lines Gone, You Name It! I've Never Seen Anything Like This! Also, The Special Attention That Is Given At All Times By Curtis Is Just So Wonderful. I Can't Think Of Too Many Places That Take The Time To E-mail Or Call You To Answer Questions About What Other Products Are Available. I'm Telling Everyone I Know Abuot AAA Shea Butter - Just The Best Product! Also, The Kindest And Most Honest Company Out There! Keep Up The Fantastic Work Curtis!

  • Suzanne
  • Upstate New York

Hi, we have ordered from you for the first time on December 4, 2005. Today we've placed another order for twice the amount originally ordered. Your Grade A Shea is, without a doubt, one of the best in the world. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

  • Luke
  • Canadian Customer

Hello, I just wanted to express how pleased I was to have used your product. You may not remember me, but I Met you in Rainbow grocers on North Decatur road on this past Saturday. I originally came into the store to get something for a rash on my neck, when you talked to me about your product. I again spoke to you as I was leaving the store, letting you know that I did purchase the original shea butter. I used it on my rash and I am satisfied with the results. I do plan on spreading the info to my girlfriends. Thank you.

  • Zena H.
  • Atlanta, Ga.

We Have Tried Many Different Brands And Types Of Shea Butter, But Were Never Quite Satisfied With Any Of Them.One Whiff And One Application Of The AAA Shea Butter And Our Search Was Over. Our Biggest Challenge Now Sharing. AAA Shea Butter Is By Far A Superior Product.

  • Tim & Dotty
  • Washington, D.C.

There's only one word to describe AAA Shea Butter-- Excellent! *****Excellent!*****

  • Traci Thomas
  • Atlanta, Ga.

You Have The Best Shea Butter Product Out There, And The Site Looks Great!

  • Jim J.
  • Massachussetts

The Best Shea Butter I've used in the USA and I know Shea Butter. It's hands down the best moisturizer because of It's intense softening properties and because, miracle-of-miracles, does not clog your skin. Do yourself a favor and try it.

  • Muriel n.
  • North Carolina
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