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We began our business in a search for a product that we wanted to use to improve our skin and hair.  In the search for a quality product, we met people that introduced us to Shea Butter and its wonderful effects.  The more we learned about Shea Butter, the more we found there was little quality control in the manufacturing process.

From street vendors to multinational corporations, we found little quality control in the Shea Butter industry.  We also found most people in the Shea Butter industry were more concerned with the profit side than the quality side of the business and that they had very little knowledge about the product.  In our discussions with them, they will tell you things like, “…..our Shea Butter comes from Africa…..”; duhh, all Shea Butter comes from Africa.  Or, “….our Shea Butter is processed by women cooperatives the traditional way..”; most Shea Butter is processed this way.  Or, …”my Shea Butter came from the shell…”; Shea Butter is extracted from seeds, not large gourds, one of the many ways some vendors use to display and sell their Shea Butter, thus exposing it to air and various other contaminants.

What our competitors can’t tell you is:

  • The composition of Shea Butter and why it works
  • How Shea Butter is contaminated
  • What contamination does to Shea Butter
  • What makes white Shea Butter less effective than Premium Grade A Shea ButterArgan Oil from aaasheabutter company
  • What is Premium Grade A Shea Butter
  • What makes Shea Butter yellow
  • What affect storage has on the medicinal qualities of Shea Butter
  • Why Shea Butter costs so much or so little
  • Why Shea Butter from one African nation may be better than Shea Butter from another nation
  • Why Shea Butter works sometimes and not other times for certain skin conditions.

On our quest to learn the answers to these questions, we sought the advice and knowledge of the foremost authority on the subject, Dr. Sam Hunter M.D. of the American Shea Butter Institute.  He had the credentials, the background, dedication, and knowledge necessary to help us answer our questions and more.  Dr. Hunter has dedicated many years to finding out all about Shea Butter.  In fact, we call Dr. Hunter the George Washington Carver of Shea Butter.  It was in our discussions with him that we found that we wanted to sell Premium Grade A Shea Butter.

Why Premium Grade A Shea Butter?

Premium Grade a Shea Butter is the best product for our skin.  Contrary to popular belief, not all Shea Butter is equal!

It is important to educate our customers about the differences in Shea Butter and the need for better controls in the production of Shea Butter.  As stated, many companies are only concerned with the bottom line and will sell anything if it makes them a profit or want to sell good products but do not have or seek the knowledge required to educate and inform their customers of the best solutions.  We believe that the best customer is an informed and educated customer.

Therefore, we want to provide you with information that will assist you in making good choices about the products you use in your daily lives.  In an effort to bring you quality products, we continue to strive to learn more about the effects of the products we sell to bring you the best product available.